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Unhappy with your success rate on major opportunities?

Is continual discounting hurting the bottom line?

Does sales forecasting
cause you nightmares?

Need to improve your effectiveness
with customer executives?



Stop Losing Big Sales

Do you have any of these challenges?

  • Losing 50%, 60%, or even 70% of your major sales opportunities and that’s simply not acceptable given the investment that you have to make
  • Losing an existing customer to a competitor
  • Losing 50% of “qualified” opportunities to delays or “no decision”
  • Having to give large discounts to win sales
  • Unreliable sales forecasts that create havoc with your business planning

Is there a critical sale that you can’t afford to lose?

No one likes to lose any sale, but critical sales such as the following are the events that can ensure you make your yearly profit goals and can even change the destiny of your company:

  • Your most important customer has issued an Request For Proposal that would drastically reduce your revenue if you lose
  • Your initial sale in a new high growth market segment
  • Your initial sale to a large customer with great future potential
  • A highly profitable contract opportunity

In pursuing critical sales most sales team have been confused about what to do next when they’re at a crucial point in the sales campaign. With increased competition and changing buyer criteria, even the most seasoned sales teams, managers and executives occasionally need an objective assessment of their status in a major sales campaign and an expert view of what it will take to win.


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Client Successes

"incredibly well targeted"
- Hughes Aircraft

"staff have been very enthusiastic"
- General Dynamics

"results . . . have been excellent"
- Cansel

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The Seven Deadly Mistakes That
Cause You To Lose Large Sales

Navigating through the "maze" of a large complex sale can be confusing. But it doesn't have to be.

Seven Deadly Mistakes coverGet 22 pages filled with information about what causes the most common mistakes and advice on how to avoid them. Learn about mistakes such as Failing to Confront Reality, No Business Case and Wasting Resources on Poor Opportunities.

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